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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn!

At Harts, we firmly believe that everyone deserves a cherished product that can be treasured for years. We are committed to creating a unique and unforgettable experience with each purchase.

The inspiration for HARTS stemmed from our deep appreciation for art as a whole. Our vision was to have our products mirror an individual’s style, preferences, and values while seamlessly fitting into their lifestyle. Initially crafting lifestyle products for family and friends, we expanded our reach, leading us to launch our website in 2019. Continuously innovating, we dedicate time to developing new concepts and prototypes before presenting them to our valued customers.

Over the past few years, we’ve diversified our product portfolio to include an extensive range of materials, such as leather, vegan leather, canvas, denim, cotton fabric, acrylic, wood, and birch wood.

Our customers are incredibly creative and specific in their requests. For example, they often desire personal touches like having their names engraved or printed on anything from t-shirts to business cards. Our on-site personalization and customization facility allows us to easily fulfill these requests.

As we strive for more accomplishments, we are perpetually working to enhance ourselves and broaden our skill set.

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Nestled within our office is a small studio setup, where we empower our customers with the tools to bring their imaginations to life. Beyond the items on display, we provide swatches for our visitors to peruse, enabling them to personalize their purchases to perfection.

The Founders

As a biotechnology engineer turned bag enthusiast and founder, my vision is simple yet profound: to craft bags that effortlessly blend utility with elegance. Our dedication to craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail are the defining features of each creation. Embark on this adventure with us, where functionality meets fashion, and every bag narrates a unique story. Thank you for being part of our journey.


Harishkumar B V




Meet The Team

A passionate group committed to crafting exceptional bags for your every need. From designers with an eye for style to skilled artisans ensuring quality, we’re here to elevate your carry experience. Get to know the faces behind your favorite bags!

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Production Head

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Production Team

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